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Library Room Booking System Changing...

09 May 2024

dz13 May 2024 a new booking system (TimeEdit) will replace the current room booking system for library study/discussion rooms.
From this date you will automatically be directed to TimeEdit when you select Room Bookings on the UC website.

  • During the transition period (9 May - 12 May) bookings for rooms from 13th May onwards will be unavailable on the current system.  We will advertise the new TimeEdit booking link as soon as possible after migrating the existing bookings.
  • All existing bookings for rooms between 13 -19 May will be migrated to TimeEdit. 
  • All existing bookings for rooms for 20 May 2024 onwards will be cancelled.  These will need to be re-booked on TimeEdit by the user.  

Anyone with an existing booking will be emailed with information on how this change affects their booking, and instructions on how to re-book if necessary.

We'll be posting more information about how to use TimeEdit on the library study rooms pageǴDz.

We apologise for any inconvenience this change causes.  

DzԳٲLibrary Systems | Ratonga Tāhiko for more information. 

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