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05 November 2023

UC's interloan service is available for current staff and students. It's here to support UC-related research, study, or teaching requirements. You can use it to request items such as books or journal articles that aren't held in UC Libraries. Find out about interloans at UC libraries.


The interloan service is available for current staff and students to support their UC related research, study or teaching requirements and is available to request items such as books or journal articles not held by UC Libraries. This free service is not available for recreational reading, for that please use your local library. Please note if you require an item for long termyou can make a recommendation for the library to purchase the item for its collection.

Interloans should be placed by the intended recipient (student/staff) to comply with copyright, and to self-manage/track requests, except in rare circumstances.

The UC collection should serve the majority of undergraduate needs. External members, and staff and students from other institutions are not eligible to use the UC Interloan service.

to your Interloans account

Email the interloans team atinterloans@libr.canterbury.ac.nz

Interloans service information

See the Interloans service information below for what can be requested, when interloans arrive and more information.

How do I request an interloan?

Before requesting an interloan, we recommend you first searchandfor available full text. If unsuccessful, follow the process below.

In- unselect the@ UC Libraryfilter under the search box.

MultiSearch Interloans 1

If we don't own the item, click onAccess optionsand select Full Text Finder. A new page will open where you can select Request through interlibrary loan.

MultiSearch Interloans 2

This will take you to a login page (unless you are already logged in)‌‌.

Enter your UC login details (All undergraduate and post-graduate students use your uclive email address eg.abc123@uclive.ac.nz. Staff use your staff email address eg.staff.member@canterbury.ac.nz).‌‌

library interloans login

You'll be taken to your interloans account and a request form will be prefilled.

Library Interloans Form Prefilled

Edit the details as required, fill in required fields (marked *) and click Submit Request.

I can't find my item in Multisearch - how do I request it?

Blank request forms can be found in your. Login to your interloans account.

Under Interlibrary Loan Requests click on Create Request.

Library Interloans Create Request

Select the appropriate Request Type, fill in required fields (marked *) giving as much information about the item as you can and Submit Request.

New interloan system FAQs

How do I access my new interloans account?

Access your interloans accountand request forms via.

Log in with your UC login and password. All undergraduate and post-graduate students use your uclive email address eg.abc123@uclive.ac.nz. Staff use your staff email address eg.staff.member@canterbury.ac.nz.

What do the different statuses on my requests mean?

SubmittedA request you have made, not yet actioned by staff will show initially asUnknownfor about one minute before showing asSubmitted.
Available to view This is a PDF uploaded to your account, ready for you to download. You can view this PDF up to 5 times before the link will expire.
In transit‘Shipped’ to us by a supplying library. This has not yet been received by our library.
Due dateComplete The due date given by a supplying library for a loan of a book. The due date will display as soon as a book is marked ‘received’ by staff. If you haven’t yet received a notice that it is available, it will likely be being sent to a library for you to collect, or will appear on the Central Library hold shelf later in the day.
Item due backThis book is either overdue or recalled and can’t be renewed. You may not see a button to renew.
CompleteA book you have had out that has been returned (won’t show as ‘returned’). Or a request that is otherwise completed eg an open access article that you have been notified by email is freely available.

How will I know when my interloans have arrived?

You’ll be sent an email notification.

Can I change how I am notified of interloans?

You will be sent email notices for interloans.

Library Interloan Communication Preferences

You can also choose to opt-out of all interloans notices (Do not send library account updates to me). However, we advise against this as this is how we communicate recall notices, overdues, and important messages related to your requests. NB: this option will only opt you out of Interloan nofications not standard library notices.

How can I request a renewal of my interloan?

In your account, a button to renew should appear beside the request you want to renew. This sends a request to renew straight to the library that loaned it to us. The due date in your library account will just display the same due date (not “requested to renew” etc.), until that library has approved or denied your request – this may take up to 1-2 days.

Can I cancel my Interloan request?

In your account, a button to cancel should appear beside the request you want to cancel. If it doesn’t, it may already have been posted to us – but you can still cancel bycontacting interloans staff.

Why do I see an error message when I log out?

If you try to log out and see an error message, please disregard the message and close your browser down. This is a known error that will be fixed.

What can be requested?

Almost anything – except some DVDs and very recently published books. We are only able to interloan items related to your current UC research or teaching. Public libraries do offer interloans for personal requests. If an item is expensive or difficult to obtain, we will discuss alternative options with you.

How long interloans take to arrive

Articles and chapters usually arrive within 1-7 days, books about 1-6 weeks. It may take longer depending on suppliers and whether an article can be sent electronically or by post. Due to staff constraints an urgent service is not offered. However if you have a tight timeframe let us know, and we'll do our best.

Track your requests

You can track requests by using the system-generated Request ID. If your item is delivered as an electronic document a link to it will display in your account.

If you get any errors, contact the interloans team.

Where to collect your interloan

You must select a pickup location for books, print copies of articles, and reference only. You will be notified when your interloan arrives.

Reference-only microforms will be available at the Central or Macmillan Brown Library.

Keeping your contact details up to date

If your contact details have changed, please update them on(students) or contact (staff). These should update across the system within 24 hours. ContactLibrary staffif you have any problems.

Length of interloans

The loan period for books and reference only items is set by the lending library with these items usually available for 2-3 weeks. Books and reference only items can be recalled at any time.

Renewing your interloan

Please do NOT request a renewal on your interloan until just before the item is due, so that you can get the longest possible loan extension.

Click on the 'renew' button next to the book in your Interloans Account. Warning - the due date will only be updated once approved by the library that loaned this. If a 'renew' button doesn't appear, please contact interloans staff.


Items may be recalled at any time. Overdue items will incur fines.

If an interloan has only just been received when it is recalled for immediate return, the item will, when possible, be resupplied.

Copyright restrictions

No more than one article from an issue of a journal may be obtained, or two articles if they are on the same topic.

Interloaned journal articles or book chapters can sometimes be added to LEARN for teaching, please let us know if that is your need as we may need to obtain copyright permission.

Non-members of the 91Ƭ

Individuals who are not a 91Ƭ student or staff member may not use the interloan service. Please contact your institutional or public library to place your request.

Contacting interloans staff

Email the interloans team atinterloans@libr.canterbury.ac.nz, or phone369 3399(within UC ext. 93399) during office hours weekdays.

Contact interloans staff

Need help? Chat with us on AskLibrary now.

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